The sun rose high in the sky, the ground was slick with ice and snow yet the sky still let soft, small snowflakes fall. The elderly gray tomcat slunk from his den as the chilly winter air greeted him as a harsh hello.Wolfstar lifted his head, it seemed like everything was dimmer to him. Everyone told him it was the old age but he knew what it really was. He'd spent nearly two full years alone now, since Palefern had succumbed to the illness they knew as greencough. He missed her, her laugh and smile.They were infectious. He shook out his slowly thinning, thick pelt.

The deputy, a younger she-cat known as Shellcloud greeted him as she came from the Warriors' den. Her pelt flattened from resting against Crookedjaw, the two had become close since their apprenticeship when Crookedjaw had broken her jaw in a fall while training. Her jaw had never corrected."Wolfstar," The tortoiseshell deputy greeted the WinterClan leader. Her green optics moving to the tabby she-cat that appeared beside her yawning wide.

"Shellcoud, Crookedjaw." The gray tomcat greeted the two. "If you would, take Batpaw and Beautifulpaw on the patrol this morning. I'll have Echosong and Wolfflame take Eaglepaw and Goosepaw." The green-eyed leader spoke in a rough, hoarse tone. But I am the Chosen One 09:09, January 19, 2019 (UTC)

Hailgaze stepped up and nodded deferentially to the leader, quietly thinking that Wolfstar sounded even more decrepit than usual. "Would you mind if I take Honeypaw out toward the SpringClan border? She could use the experience." he requested, his tone matter of fact. There was little chance that Wolfstar would refuse, of course, but it would probably be disrespectful to simply do his own thing when patrols were being assigned.

Snowpaw slunk out of the apprentice's den, her short, thick coat fluffed up against the chill. Avoiding her brother's frost-toned glare she took a spot next to Batpaw, hoping that Wolfstar would just let her tag along with the other patrol. She wasn't particularly keen on the idea of spending her morning with Hailgaze pointing out every little flaw in front of her peers.One riot,one ranger! 08:30, January 22, 2019 (UTC)