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—speaker in SplashClan/Roleplay
Current StarClan
Past SpringClan, Rogue, SplashClan
Age Approx. 84 Moons (7 Years) at Death
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by a Badger
Debut SpringClan V1
Last Post SplashClan XV
Father Mudshine
Mother Soakedmoss
Siblings Canyonlagoon
Mate Lichenstar
Kits Patchbelly, Blackfoot, Leopardshade, Molepaw
Mentor Silverdawn
Apprentices Orcacry, Blackfoot
Owner Stoem
Thistleclaw is a large cream colored tom with black and brown splotches and amber eyes.



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Physical Health

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Mental Health

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Skills and Ablities

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He is born to Soakedmoss and Mudshine along with his brother Canyonkit.

He felt like he was not payed attention to, and everything he did was by passed and turned to dust. He tries to run to his mom, but she was grooming Canyonkit, so he decides that it's best if he weren't there, so he runs away.

He runs into loner territory, and meets Redstorm, a passing loner. Redstorm asks if he was from the Clans, and he replies yes. Redstorm and him camp for the night, and then in the morning, Redstorm tells him that he must try harder to become himself in the clans, and no matter if he belonged within SpringClan or not, he still was a true Clan cat at heart. He tells him that he made the same mistake as Thistlekit, and he regretted it his entire life. Redstorm leaves, and Thistlekit runs to find a Clan, preferably his old birth clan. He then stumbles within a river, though he can't swim. The kit is soon washed up into SplashClan's camp, and is immediately made one of them, and is taken care of by a nursery queen.

He becomes Thistlepaw, with Silverdawn as his mentor. He is shown to be training with Silverdawn. She is impressed, and he passes his assessment later on. Silverdawn is very proud of her apprentice.

Later, Poolstar gives him his warrior name, Thistleclaw, and he sits his vigil alone.


He is seen at Emeraldblaze and Runningsoul's warrior ceremony. He is shown to be worried when Emeraldblaze almost spaces out, and he goes in front of the crowd and with her sister and helps her up. He then offers to sit her vigil with her and her sister, warmth in his eyes. She tells him he doesn't have to, and when he waits for her, she is shown looking at Scorchpaw and him, but she walks over to him instead. Later, he sits through Runningsoul and Emeraldblaze's warrior vigil. He keeps her warm with his prickly fur.

Later, Diamondlight, Scorchnose, Stoatflight, and Emeraldblaze's forgotten sister, Singedstripes all become warriors, and cheers. He is seen later sitting next to Emeraldblaze, and he thinks to himself that he really likes her, but she probably doesn't like him back. She asks him what is wrong, and he says nothing, then changing the subject and taking her out to teach her a SpringClan move. She says yes and they both go out, their pelts brushing, he thinks about how much it makes him happy, and then he stops her at a small tree. He tells her that he's going to teach her to climb.

They climb the tree together, him at her side. They reach the top, and they stare into each others eyes. Then, randomly, He says that he really likes her, his eyes warm. She says she does too, and they stare at the sky. She asks how his life in SpringClan was, and he says that SpringClan cats were natural climbers, and that he was ignored as a kit. He then says that his mother was Soakedmoss, the kit of Froststar. She tells him he's related to a leader, but he says he doesn't feel special. She then says he's special to her, and he is stunned.

Later, Scorchnose comes over, and Emeraldblaze freaks out. When Scorchnose takes her to camp, Thistleclaw is by her side, comforting her. When he places his paw on hers, she responds, and then he asks her to say for him, and she says that she thought he left, and tells her he would never leave. When Scorchnose asks her to be his mate, she screeches and runs out, leaving Thistleclaw to run after her. He finds her, and he sits by her. They talk to each other and he tells her that being different is a great thing. She is stunned, but he says that that's why he loves her. She is shocked about him loving her, and he tells her that he always has loved her, and that she is a brave, strong cat with a will to survive and love. He also says she will be a great leader. She stammers and says that she loves and stops, then he finishes her sentence, saying he loves her too. He then asks her to be his mate, and that he will love her forever and beyond, and she nods, tears streaming down her face. They then purr and lick each other's cheeks.

Later, he receives an apprentice, Orcapaw. He touches noses worth her, and takes her out of camp. Later, he tells his mate to be checked by Featherwhisker because of her illness. She comes back to him, and says shes expecting. Thistleclaw's eyes bulge out, and he seems as if he is to explode until he covers her in licks and purrs happily, then he tells her to stay out of warrior duties.

Later, his mate gives birth to Patchkit, Luckykit, Chancekit, Rubykit, and Leopardkit. He is shown to be overjoyed, and is seen by her side all day.

He visits them, and he and Leopardkit play together, and then he paws her to the floor, purring as she does. She dangles from his head, and he plays along, and shows her StarClan.

Later, his kits become apprentices, Patchpaw, Leopardpaw, Chancepaw, Rubypaw, and his own apprentice and son, Luckypaw. He shows Luckypaw the territory, and they spot a a fat white kittypet whom seems interested with the woods.

Later though, he trains with his son, Luckypaw. He is a little disappointed with his effort and work, but later cheers up when he goes to talk to Emeraldblaze. Poolstar is seen passing away, and she announces Patchpaw apprentice to Emeraldblaze, the new deputy and leader of SplashClan.




Mate -

Mossstar - Living

Sons -

Chancepaw - Living
Patchpaw - Living
Luckypaw - Living

Daughters -

Leopardpaw - Living
Rubypaw - Living

Father -

Mudshine - Deceased; verified StarClan member

Mother -

Soakedmoss - Living

Brother -

Canyonlagoon - Living

Uncles -

Dragonkit - Deseased; suspected StarClan member
Lakestorm - Living

Aunts -

Flashfire - Living
Bloomfrost - Living
Soaringsong - Living

Grandmothers -

Shellshore - Living
Hurricanehover - Deseased; suspected StarClan member

Grandfathers -

Froststar - Deceased; verified StarClan member
Rainsplatter - Deseased; suspected StarClan member

Great Aunt -

Velvetcreek - Living

Love Interests


  • He has SpringClan blood, because his mother and father, Soakedmoss and Mudshine, are SpringClan cats.
  • He is in no way based off of Thistleclaw from the real warriors series.
    • Stoem just likes the name, but hates the cat.
  • He is in love with Emeraldstar with all his heart, and has loved her since he was young. She was the only one he loved before they were mates.
  • His life image shows a short furred cream and brown cat with orange eyes when Thistleclaw is a long furred, spiky furred cream colored tom with brown and black patches and mixed colored eyes.
    • This is because Stoem couldn't find one that looked like him, so she got the closest one to him.
  • He looks a lot like his father, Mudshine.






Thistleclaw: "Emeraldblaze, you're such a sweet cat... I'm really lucky to have you as my friend. I really like you."
Emeraldblaze: "Really? Most cats either look at me funny or don't look at me at all..."
Thistleclaw: "How could any cat not see what I see? If they can't see what I see, then they are mouse-brained, because any cat would love what I see through my eyes and heart."
—Thistleclaw to Emeraldblaze SplashClan/Roleplay/Archive 4

Emeraldblaze: "What was it like, in SpringClan?"
Thistleclaw: "It's kinda cool actually, it's a dense forest for half of it, so our prey was spesifically birds and little creatures. We needed to climb to live, but for me, it was different. My parents ignored me for my brother, Canyonkit, and in the end I left, running away to find a new clan that appreciated me more. My dad wa Mudshine, and we looked almost exactly alike, and my mom was Soakedmoss, daughter of the SpringClan leader, Froststar."
Emeraldblaze: "You're realated to a leader!"
Thistleclaw: "I may be related to a leader, but I don't feel special..."
Emeraldblaze: "But you are special... to me."
Thistleclaw: "You... you really think so?"
—Thistelclaw to Emeraldblaze about SpringClan source






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