The Twolegplaces

A Twolegplace is a location where humans, or as cats refer to them, twolegs, live. In the roleplay, there are several twolegplaces described by the characters.

The Valley City

The Valley City, or Bridgebrook, is the city just north of SummerClan's territory. It's a very large city with a long stretch of suburbs to its southern and eastern limits. As you travel north, the buildings grow taller and taller as you enter a commercial zone. The city boasts three skyscrapers and an eventful arts district, along with a population of about 800,000 people. On its Eastern border, and cutting through the city, is the Brimlad River, or known to the Clans as Rushing Shores. It flows north-west to the Qipul Ocean, with its mouth at the city of McHenry. The river is used for fishing and transportation, and despite having a major city on its banks, isn't very polluted.

In the suburbs live many kittypets and loner clowders. The most notable clowders in the Valley City are listed below.
  • Currently none are known.

The Port City

The Port City, or McHenry, is the city resting on the mouth of the Brimlad River. It's a major port city on the Qipul Ocean, and often has boats coming in and out of it to transport goods upstream to Bridgebrook. It boasts a small population of about 10,000 people and has a network of docks surrounding the southern bank of the Brimlad. Most of the town is comprised of fishermen, and they are known for being very friendly and kind to the local cat population. The cats who live here are very easy-going and often hang around the docks and twolegs in order to get the occasional fish, gull, or sometimes crab.

The city sits on the southern half of the river and is lined with cobblestone streets. No cars are parked in the streets, and no driveways exist, however, there is a single parking lot farther south for outsiders. Locals find no use for vehicles, as all of the shops they could possibly need to go to can be found within walking distance of their homes. No trees reside within the city, so the streets are often free of debris. On the mouth of the river sits a tall lighthouse, atop a slope, so that it sits above the rest of the city. A long, sandy pathway leads down from it. Large black rocks build up the shoreline along the mouth of the river and along both of its jetties, and these rocks continue along where the beach should have resided. Water seldom floods these rocks, and even at the highest tide of the season, it barely reaches halfway up the stack.
The port sits below the lighthouse and stretches for about a quarter of the city's length. Small fishing boats and personal boats dock here, and a steep pathway leads down to its floating docks. Rocks continue to hold the cobblestone roadways above the water for most of the city's distance, but in the last block-length, the rocks subside and the start of the beach is seen. The sand is softer towards the road, but right where the waves hit, it becomes rough and uncomfortable to walk on. It is dotted with small rocks, sand glass, and broken shells, primarily, which toughens paw pads up and stings softer ones. When the tide is low, it goes about a quarter of a mile out, and shows how flat and gently-sloped the beach is. Sand dollars and clam shells are the most abundant, but agates and sea glass can be found as well, along with the occasional starfish and snail shell.
The buildings in the city are high, and typically have a small shop or glass-fronted living room in its lowest level, with apartments up above. Spiral staircases often lead up to these homes, and clotheslines stretch between windows. Some houses have small balconies and shutters on the windows, and during the summer evenings, the clotheslines are lined with small candles or lights in mason jars, to illuminate the street below. Windowsills are adorned with bouquets of flowers, candles, or stringed lights, to add color to the otherwise bland-painted buildings. On the far outskirts sit a few separate homes, however, a vast majority of the city doesn't wish to reside there. Behind the city immediately starts a pine forest, which climbs steeply into the evergreen-topped, wind-basked mountains that make up the coastal range. A narrow river valley separates the mountains from the next, much larger, range, in which the Valley City is nestled.

The city's cat population is primarily run by one large clowder, although neighbouring clowders do exist, although are smaller and much more peaceful. The Pack, as it is known, is run by Mahli, who is a dominant force in the region. The clowder consists of cats who each have their own small families or clusters that live together. They are known for being particularly hostile to potential threats and outsiders, and clowders that oppose their general rule have been known to be executed and scattered. Other loners or clowders brave enough to live here are listed below.