The Four Clans, Territory and World Map

MapMap with Territories

SplashClan - (SplC)

  • SplashClan's territory is primarily low-lying exposed moorland. It has little shelter except for small shrubs and some stunted trees closer to the neutral zone. The ground is dry and sandy in places, most vegetation is long grass and heather. The westernmost edge of the territory is a sheer cliff that drops to the sea. There are small paths down to the narrow beach below but it's best to steer clear of.
  • The camp is located in a cave, the roof of which is open to the sky. However, the walls are steep and so it should be entered through a side tunnel - not directly through the skylight!
  • The territory includes a tidal river which has ritual significance to those who follow the faith of the tide spirits, and the river should not be crossed at the tidemouth but further up towards SummerClan out of respect to these primordial deities. A more practical reason for crossing further upriver is that the tidemouth is located in a steep ravine that makes traversing it dangerous.

SpringClan - (SprC)

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SummerClan - (SuC)

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WinterClan - (WC)

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The Neutral Zone

  • Located directly at the centre of the territories, all four Clans are technically equidistant from it. Both full-moon and half-moon gatherings are held within the neutral territory, with Clan gatherings taking place in a clearing within a semicircle of raised rocky foothills and medicine cats' meetings located in a cave accessed through a tunnel at the northern edge of the mountainous ring.
  • Aside from the central 'island' of sorts, the neutral zone is primarily an alkaline marsh with dry crossing points and safe hunting grounds, however one does need to have their wits about them.
  • Outside of Gatherings, most cats steer clear of the Neutral Zone both for the practical fact of its' being a filthy marsh, and for the old lore suggesting that it was significant to the old primordial deities and the creation of the Clans.

The City and Twolegs

  • Twolegs reside off to the east and north, with a developing city located to the north-east. Most kittypets come from the small residences scattered between the territories and the city.

Unclaimed Land

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McHenry Port

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