The sun rose high over SummerClan's sheltered island territory. Despite the late season, the snow on the ground was only soft and thin, and what little ice dared to venture into the river was quickly swept away. So it was with a cheerful smile fixed on her rounded face that Fallowgleam went about her business that morning, clearing slush from around the nursery and freshkill pile and generally just making herself pleasant company to whoever passed her by. With work complete, the muddy tortoiseshell selected a rabbit for herself from the freshkill pile and looked around for somebody to sit with, deciding to join Lightspirit as the cream tabby roused themself from sleep. "Morning, Lightspirit. Want to share my rabbit?" she inquired brightly. It should be mentioned that her irrepressible good humour could often be aggravating so early in the morning, but it was of course up to the other warrior how to respond.

Unlike his Clanmate, Sandpaw was not a morning person. The apprentice groaned and rolled out of his nest, shaking out his thick coat and licking down a few unruly tufts of fur that stood up along his spine. With an expression of extreme distaste, he dragged himself out of the den and snagged a finch off the freshkill pile, retreating to a secluded corner of camp to eat. The young ginger tabby probably wouldn't be fit for polite company until after he'd eaten and washed himself properly, but anyone was welcome to try. One riot,one ranger!