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Current StarClan
Past SplashClan
Age 37 Moons (approx. 3.08 years)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Stormclaw
Mother Silverwave
Siblings Rainingflame, Thunderstorm, Oakkit,
Mate Squirrelfang (Formerly), Crystalstep
Kits Basspaw, Unnamed kit
Mentor Emeraldblaze
Apprentices Volcanoflame, Otterstep, Brambleface (formerly)
Deputy Position
Predecessor Silverheart
Successor Lichenstar
Owner whiskers

Stormfrost is a tall, handsome, and very well muscled, black and white tom with a silver tabby tail, and aqua blue eyes.  He looks most like Stormclaw out of his siblings, but it took his Clanmates quite some time to guess the tom was his father. Stormfrost had been mentored by Emeraldstar, and had been a deputy himself for quite a few moons. He has mentored Otterstep and Volcanoflame and is currently mentoring Bramblepaw. His current mate is Crystalstep, who he cares about dearly.

Stormfrost is the son of Silverwave, a past SplashClan deputy, and Stormclaw, a past SummerClan deputy. Stormfrost's sisters are Thunderstorm and Rainingflame, but both were taken to SummerClan to live with their father. Stormfrost's brother, Oakkit, died as a kit, and Silverwave became depressed by her losses, and never seemed to talk with her son. Stormfrost is currently a loyal warrior of SplashClan, living there with his mother and former mate/friend, Squirrelfang. But to this day, he visits Rainingflame by the border to catch up on things.



Stormfrost is a larger tom with a thick, medium-lengthed pelt.  His pelt is jet-black, and his belly, paws, chest, neck, and muzzle are snow-white, and always kept clean.  His fur is well-kept and often shiny, often from swimming.  His body is finely structured and well-muscled from keeping himself fit by hunting and swimming.  His shoulders are large and wide, since he's a swimmer.  His fur is very dense, helping him keep water out when swimming. Though Stormfrost's fur is shiney, it is very soft to the touch, and is very fluffy, occasionally giving him a kit-like appearance.

Stormfrost has long, white whiskers that are washed after eating.  His bones are healthy and strong.  Stormfrost has a finely-shaped head, and his ears are a normal size.  He looks a lot like Stormclaw, after all, he was his father.  He has a long, shiny silver tabby tail from his mother, Silverwave.  His paw-pads are jet-black and tough, and his nose is a gray-black color.  He has bright, forgiving, dark aqua-blue eyes, that are always clear and shining bright.  His lower jaw is very strong, great at fighting and hunting. His eyes, tail, and spots stand out most on his pelt.  His jet-black pelt makes it hard for him to hunt in the winter, but since he fishes, it doens't tend to matter.  Stormfrost's legs are very long, helping him walk through rivers at times.  His toes are wide and webbed, making him an excellent swimmer.


Physical Health

Stormfrost is well-fit, since he swims often.  He tries to hunt as often as he can, and loves to patrol, but not to seak out trouble.  Stormfrost is a very energetic, but not to the point where it gets annoying, since he runs out his energy. Stormfrost is a very strong cat, using his skills daily, but not to show off.  Stormfrost's muscular legs help him with these activites, and a lot of times he uses his skills to help/protect friends. He's an active cat who gets infections, fevers, and green-cough like every other cat every one in a while.  Stormfrost loves mentoring younger cats to pass on his skills, so he practices his skills often to help his friends.

Mental Health

Stormfrost is a stable cat with no known Mental-Illnesses.


Stormfrost is a very loyal cat, and doesn't dream of leaving SplashClan like his sisters, even if he misses them. The tom protects SplashClan greatly, and is fierce when cats insult is Clan and family. Though he is Half-Clan, and half of his family is in SummerClan, he continues to love his family and Clan. Anyone who insults a member of his family can consider himself/herself in big trouble, for Stormfrost will go after them with words and physical attacks. Stormfrost doesn't show any interest in other Clans or leaving SplashClan, and he never will.

Though Stormfrost is a very intimidating and strong cat, he's surprisingly gentle and loving. He's usually the first cat to comfort a friend or Clanmate, or to help them in battle. Though he's gentle, Stormfrost is one of the most fierce and strongest cats on the battle-field.

Stormfrost is an organized leader-like cat. Being a past deputy, Stormfrost is one to give orders and take charge, but not with brute force. Stormfrost takes things seriously and calmly, no matter how extreme the circumstances, unless his family or Clan is being insulted. He gets to work quickly, and works quickly and does it right. Being leader-like doesn't mean Stormfrost is mean and snappy, his leader-like qualities are being calm and serious. He isn't known to be afraid of things, and can be considered brave.

Skills and Abilities

Stormfrost is a talented hunter, swimmer, and fighter.  He seems overpowered, but doesn't use these skills often, ecspecially battling.  Stormfrost is a speedy swimmer, since he's strong.  His mother kept him fit as a kit and on his toes, though he used to hate it, now he respects it.  He is horrible at climbing trees though, since he's a larger cat, he can't "fit into trees" as well as smaller cats.



He is born to Silverwave. He gets to his paws first out of all his siblings.

When Drippingpaw is made a warrior, he asks his mother to meet the new warrior.

Later, he becomes an apprentice to Emeraldblaze. Stormpaw runs to her and greets her.  He sees her trapped inside, and throws a rock at the window. They then go back inside for Windfeather, and Stormpaw cuts his paws.  He suggests carrying Windfeather. They return to camp with her.

Later, his mother tells him to go on a patrol. Stormpaw's patrol encounters a bear, but in the end, he kills it. He then hides in a tree. He becomes a warrior with the name of Stormrage. He is then greatly surprised as Poolstar elects him to be next leader, forcing his mother to step down from the deputy position. Thought Silverwave was forced to step down, she did want her son to grow up as a good, strong leader. He then sighs.

Stormrage is seen walking around. He is then renamed Stormfrost. 

Stormfrost believes that he isn't ready to be leader, and steps down from his deputy position.

Stormfrost is seen talking to Cricketfur, asking what happened when he returned to camp.  She answers that Smokepool died giving birth.  Stormfrost says he is sadden, and then pays his respects to the deceased queen.  He is seen eating some fish, struggling to finish it.  When he does, he's overly full, and goes out to check out some streams.  He finds that it is frozen, and although he jumps on it, it stays solid. 

When Stormfrost returns to camp, he recieves Otterpaw as an apprentice.  The apprentice doens't talk to him, so he walks away, looking lonely as he thinks about his family.  He notices that Squirrelpaw looks upset to, so he talks to her. She asks him to share some prey, and he does, continuing to talk to her.  Stormfrost asks if she thinks she'll be a warrior soon, and she replies hopefully soon.  Squirrelpaw tells him that she doesn't think she'll be able to be a warrior because of missing her claws.  Stormfrost offers to help her train, and she accepts the offer.  He teaches her some moves, such as vital points on a cat.  She bites his tail causing him some pain.

When the two return from training, Squirrelpaw is made into a warrior known as Squirrelfang. Stormfrost is seen congratulating her, and Squirrelfang asks if he is alright.  Stormfrost replies that if she's talking to him, he's fine.  He then tells her that he obviously didn't need to teach her much, so he nervously asks if they should see if she's good at hunting, but really he's asking her to hunt with him.  The two then chat.

While talking with the newly made warrior, Stormfrost feels comfortable with her.  He then walks away, wondering about Rainingflame, hoping his sister is ok.  He climbs into his tree and lays there, upset. Her returns, noticing that Squirrelfang looks upset and storms into the Warriors' Den.  He pauses, wanting to comfort her, but remains still, deciding he'll talk with her later. He then goes in after Ravenwing, and sits down next to Squirrelfang. He's nervous, and his heart pounds. He opens and closes his mouth a few times before speaking, and looks at his paws. He finally looks up at her and asks if she's ok. She replies sure, and he tells her that she's not alone, that he didn't know his parents much either.  Stormfrost also tells Squirrelfang that she's a great friend and cat. He then asks her to hunt and she agrees.

The two leave camp and Silverwave smiles at him, purring, but he doesn't notice his mother. Stormfrost asks Squirrelfang that if he fell into the river, if she would rescue him, because he would rescue her. She says she would, and when they arive at a river, Jackdawkit, and Magpiekit run up to them. They tell them they should be back at camp, and the two kits then leave.

Later, Stormfrost is out walking with Squirrelfang once again when she's upset and finds out that Hickoryfang is her father. The two run into a badger, and Magpiekit is out with them, and gets greatly hurt. After they defeat the badger, Squirrelfang is injured too, so Stormfrost takes the kit and his friend back to camp.

Stormfrost is by Squirrelfang's side, yelling at Elmstar when he renames Magpiekit Rippedkit. He insults the leader a lot, but eventually calms down. He takes yet another walk with Squirrelfang, trying to help calm her. He spots Rainingflame by the border and yells to her, but she doesn't hear. Dissapointed, he returns to camp with his shoulder slumped.

Reddy comes to camp with her mate, saying she is Squirrelfang's mother. Stormfrost asks if she is Squirrelfang's mother, and Reddy says yes. Upset, Stormfrost leaves camp, believeing that Squirrelfang would no longer be his friend since she had all her family now.

Stormfrost talks and argues with Tigerbird for quite some time before returning to camp.

Later, Stormfrost takes Squirrelfang for a walk, keeping his eyes on the ground the whole time. He tells her the sun's setting, and it'll make the river look stunning. She agrees, and the two sit down in front of the river, and talk for a bit, but Stormfrost stares into the river as if looking for something. It turns out he is, and he pulls something out, keeping it covered with a paw. Stormfrost makes many loving remarks to Squirrelfang, and makes multiple promises to keep her safe and love her forever. He then asks to be her mate, giving her a wild sapphire. She says yes, and nuzzles his cheek, while Stormfrost purrs and rests his head on her's, and wrapping her tail around her. Stormfrost then tells Squirrelfang that he'll die protecting her, whether it's from illness or another cat.



Crystalstep - Living

Squirrelfang (Formerly) - Living


Silverwave - Living


Stormclaw - Deceased, Verifited StarClan Member


Thunderstorm - Deceased, Vertified StarClan Member

Rainingflame - Living


Oakkit - Decased, Verifited StarClan Member

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Squirrelfang (Formerly):


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Though they may be in seperate Clans, Stormfrost loves his sister dearly.  They talk as often as can, loving to catch up on things.  The two siblings are practically connected, and are hard to seperate. Coming Soon



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  • He was to be the leader of SplashClan (around July), but Whiskers left.
  • His former name was Stormrage, and Silverw loved it alot, but others didn't exactly like it, so she changed it to Stormfrost.
  • Stormfrost was deputy, which Whiskers totally forgot, and she wished she didn't leave so he couldn've been leader or at least continued as a deputy, and then step down or die.