The sun rose high in the sky, unlike in the WinterClan territory SpringClan's snowy terrain was soft with snow and the streams weakly iced over. The Clan was beginning bustle with activity as the warriors slowly roused from their slumbers respectively. Shadowheart sat outside the Warriors' den grooming his thick pelt before he would head to the nursery where Morningflower was still sleeping with their three kits.

The queen rested, her sides falling softly with each breath as her kits slowly began to stir so did she. Her soft amber eyes watching them half-lidded. Tallkit was the first to wake fully, whining about how it was colder than usual. Morningflower only nuzzled her son and spoke softly about how spring would be here soon. But I am the Chosen One 09:15, January 19, 2019 (UTC)

Shaking her head, a pretty sandy orange she-cat slipped out of her den, the first rays of dawn were touching the camp and around her, warrior, apprentices, elders as well as queens and their kits, were rousing from their sleep. Her soft eyes glanced around at her clanmates. A touch of delight stretched across Rosestar's muzzle. From the medicine den a pretty tawny she-cat exited, stretching her paws out in front of her, her tail curling over her spotted back. Her jaw split as a yawn broke free, her creamy white fangs clicking slightly as she closed her mouth. Fawnspots turned her head to lick a few scraps of moss from her rumpled pelt before she trotted over to her adoptive mother, "Good Morning Rosestar" she mewed sweetly in her lilting calm voice. The sound soothing over Rosestar's ears warmly. The older she-cat reached forward and gave a sweet lick over Fawnspot's ears. Flicking an ear, the warriors den shook again as a thick furred silver tabby tom slipped out, his soft green eyes located Rosestar and he dipped his head to her. "Rosestar." he meowed in a thick deep rumble. She returned the gesture, "I hope you slept well, Wolfleap" she replied. The tom nodded before poking his head back into the warrior den, a mumble came from his position, with a few answering meows. Moments later two more cats appeared from the den, Sharpeagle flicked an ear toward Rosestar and his littermate before he turned to groom his coat from sleep. Beside him stood a small but pretty smokey black she-cat, her gaze flickered nervously around before she finally sat down, Sharpeagle rolling his eyes in the process. "Could you be any more skittish Shadefern?" he hissed at her. Cowering under the other warrior's words, Shadefern slipped away from him and moved toward the fresh kill pile, not wanting to stay seated next to the sharp tongued tawny tom." A light shines best in thedark.. 04:45, January 19, 2019 (UTC)

Having not been assigned to a patrol, Rustwing ate her freshkill quietly a fair distance from her bickering peers, the shy warrior had little patience for loud noises or bad temper. If anyone made eye contact she simply nodded politely and ducked her head, wishing to avoid scrutiny as much as possible.

Breezepaw was far less concerned with manners, and bowled right on up to Sharpeagle with a mischievous grin on their face. "Mornin, boss. What are we doing today? Can we go hunting? Can we can we can we can we?" they purred, a rising inflection creeping into their voice as they strove to be as annoying as was possible. One riot,one ranger! 05:17, January 22, 2019 (UTC)

Sharpeagle stared at his apprentice, his sharp gaze sending out waves of displeasure. Why his mother had assigned him the most annoying apprentice in the nursery, he didn't know but Breezepaw was determined to make him suffer. Even if they listened to him. The consistent questions and pestering often made him want to claw the younger cat over the ears. Though he never did. "Sure, you go hunting, I was going to go on patrol with Shadefern and Wolfleap" he said in a brittle tone. Irritation rolling off him A light shines best in thedark..

Breezepaw shrugged, that wasn't exactly the reaction they'd hoped for. Unconcerned, the small blue tabby turned tail and trotted away, aggravatingly cheerful as they went about doing their mentor's bidding. One could comment that it would be Sharpeagle's responsibility to oversee the young cat hunting instead of doing his own thing, but so far nobody was brave enough to try. One riot,one ranger! 20:29, January 22, 2019 (UTC)

Sharpeagle narrowed his eyes at his apprentice, "If you wait until I get back from patrol with our deputy, then we can train." he hissed teeth bared at the young cat. They truly did know how to get under the warrior's skin. And he hated it. Shaking his head as he glanced at Breezepaw, his irritation surging once more. Turning away from the young cat he moved after Wolfleap and Shadefern who had just disappeared beyond the fern covered entrance. He flicked his tail in farewell to Breezepaw before vanishing from sight. A light shines best in thedark..

Breezepaw's only sign they'd heard anything was a diffident flick of their tail as they left the camp, their willowy frame fitting easily through the gaps in the brambles and then cutting a narrow trail through the long meadow grass.The grey and white apprentice was comfortable here despite barely being able to see over the grass, and they felt uncomfortably exposed as the grass became shorter, heading south towards the river that marked a part of the WinterClan border. A rustle indicated the presence of some other small animal, and Breezepaw stilled their movements so as to listen better, eventually settling into a crouch as a hare revealed itself. The apprentice leapt forward and sprung into a brief chase, paws skidding on the thin snow as they slammed down on their prey. "Well, Sharpeagle probably can't fault that..." the apprentice muttered, spitting out a mouthful of fur as they inspected the animal. Not bad, not half a moon ago they struggled to catch a leaf. Sharpeagle was crotchety and aggravating but at least he had skills to share. One riot,one ranger! 01:48, January 25, 2019 (UTC)