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Deaths happening Soon

Ysoltstar - Soon, actually

Palmer - Swampy my boy.... :3, sometime this week (hopefully)

Soakedmoss - I don't believe that SprC plots going to happen, I'll do something

Magpiesong - get pregnant, have kids, die

Ravenflame - he's been replaced by a bae. Infection, something this week.

Brightpaw (AC) - beebs left, she'll have someone drag her out of camp, and something will happen

Hawktalon - little bit after Silverwave kits


Scarceclaw - Big time Infection after getting hit by a car with a broken back. During Senior Warriorhood or warriorhood.

Magpiesong - Kitting Ravenwing's kits. During warriorhood

Scarlet - Fox, Badger, Car, or some unknown diease.  During very old age.

Jaws - Twoleg.  During very old age.

Stormfrost - I dunno, I love him. x3

Griffinscreech - After a big fight with some large bird of prey, bleeds to death afterwards.  During Senior Warriorhood.

Lyla - Old age, during Membership since they serve to their death, also perhaps kitting at a very old age.

Cardinalpaw - Famine, the same as Phoenixstar

Ravenflame- Border battle. Senior Warriorhood or Warriorhood.

Spotkit - I LOVE PATCHES <333

Rainingflame - Fox, during senior warriorhood

Benjamin - Starvation or freeze to death, older age.

Swampgator - Fire, a plant's weakness. Age unknown

Kimberly - Unknown, may be released back into Africa and die there.

Risekit - Unknown, something epic

Pouringfall - Dog (Exploring near the city). Senior Warrior.

Burningpaw - Fire. Senior Warrior.

Flaringpaw - Fire, with his sister^. Senior Warrior.

Cove of Shining Shells - Unknown. Age Unknown.

Irisfrost - Unknown, must be epic. Age Unkown, but it will be with her mate

Talonkit - Unknown, Age Unknown

Applewhisker - Cancer, Senior Warriorhood/Elderhood

Honeydapple - Robbing herbs from a Twoleg garden. Very very old MC time.

Shiftkey - IDK

Huntingshadow - Something epic, Elderhood

Panda - Cancer (Since it's common in ferrets. x3), Adulthood

Marco - Starvation, Age Unknown

Harmony - Illness, Older Age

Argus - IDK

Lightfeather - Murdered by Lionstar (He gets bored, ya know?!), idk, probs warriorhood

Ysoltstar - Ugh, that's going to take forever, but she'll die! >:3

Brightfern - Either Over-use of her power, or some Disease. Age Unknown, probably some time in Warriorhood. :3

Orchidfrost - Freeze to death, Senior warriorhood

Volcanoflame - Infection, Senior warriorhood

All deaths shall be put back or removed if any of these cats become Medicine Cats, Queens (Death may be changed), Leaders, or Deputies.

Currently Deceased (Includes cats who will fade and how (and Non-StarClan cats))

Lionstar - lolololol he'll never fade. xDDD

Webspider - Gemcave and Irisfrost will make her fade



Mink - Non-StarClan



Softstar - Lilacstar kills her, duh

Rosestar - No-one remembers her


Shellshore - Neverrr

Steamcloud - ^

Sparkingflame - Lionstar will happen. :3

Hurricanehover - No-one remembers her

Eternitypaw - Not going to happen for a looong time

Saplingkit - (GOSH SHE'S SO ANNOYING x33) Lionstar will happen >:3

Foxfang - ^

Quailsplash - IDK

Taibhseach - Non-StarClan Cat

Blazing - Non-StarClan Cat Wolfy - 'Non-StarClan Cat'

Coming Soon

Cats moving to Different Clans

One or two of Opal's kits

Scarceclaw - Since he's my playeh, he'll be moving from Clan to Clan to breed with she-cats.

Harmony - Maybe to SplashClan

Panda - ^

Images to be Used

Please don't use these images if I have them posted here, it means I'm going to use them on pages I haven't yet created.

Dappledcloud - Dappledcloud

Nighttalon - Nighttalon

Scarceclaw's Cats to Breed with

Currently none, please PM me if needed~ Coming Soon

Snailpaw (AC)

To be Created


Spotkit - Tortie she-cat. Coming Soon Born to Opalgaze and Gemcave.

Some sibling of ^

That one GustyCedar kit


Leokit/Igneouskit/Ignitekit - Handsome dark ginger tom with striped legs, a white chest, and white paws. He has green eyes, son of Flaringflame and whoever his mate will be.

Pondkit - blue-gray tabby tom, son of Stonestream and Ripplepond


Tanagerkit/song - pretty torbie she-cat with blue-green eyes. Huntingsparrow spawn.

Elkkit - dark ruddy-brown tabby tom. Brother of ^.


Ibiskit - black and white she-kit with blue eyes, daughter of Magpiesong and Ravenwing.

Wavekit (SplC) - pale black based tabby tom with green eyes, son of Silverwave and Hawktalon

Pondkit - light gray tabby she-cat with light blue eyes, sister of ^

Ploverkit - tabby and white kit (agender), sibling of ^

The Wind Chasers


The Storm Fronts

Jackie - Black-based tabby she-cat with green-yellow eyes. (More Details) Daughter to Shale and Lyla.


Shrikekit - ?????, agender kit of Pouringfall & ????.

Locustkit - ?????, son of Pouringfall & ????.

Loners & Rogues

Maverick - A very dark gray-brown, almost black, tabby tom with light green eyes and a white tail tip and paws. The fur around his neck is a lion-like ruff/mane.  Though he looks tough and mean, he's a very sensative and caring tom, yet strikingly loyal and brave. Jaws and Pelli's son, second litter. Possible Images:

Unkown Residence

Dappledcloud - Black grizzled tabby she-cat with green eyes, sister of Fleckpelt and Nighttalon

Nighttalon - Black grizzled tabby tom with pale blue-gray eyes, brother of Dappledcloud and Fleckpelt

StarClan/Dark Forest

Gorsekit - Dark Gray tomkit with kitten-blue eyes. The son of Moonwing and Sweetbreeze, brother of Steamcloud. Died at the age of two moons.

Sweetbreeze - Beautiful gray she-cat with blue-green eyes. Mother of ^ and Steamcloud, mate of Moonwing.

Goldenfang - Golden she-cat with green-blue eyes. Mother of Barkkit and Grasskit, adopted Foxfang.

Barkkit - Brown tabby tomkit. Son of ^

Grasskit - Light brown tabby tomkit. Brother of ^


(Whole bunch of Lionstar's Pride Characters)

Fogcloud - Dark gray tabby tom with yellow eyes. Mate of Belle, father of Silverflower and Ray, formerly of ThunderClan.

Kits Never Born/Revealed

Just something I wanna do, showing what they would've looked like and would've been named...I'm bored, and not like anyone reads my To-Do list anyway. :P

Kits of Cardinalflame and Blue-eyes:

Hydrangeakit/paw/heart - Ginger and white she-cat with a fluffy pelt. Would've been hyper and playful, yet daring.

Snowykit/paw/flame - Primarily white and ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Would've been rather distant and cold, yet adventurous.

Longingkit/paw/heart - White tom with amber eyes. Would've been rather dreamy and loving.

Kits of Lilacstar and Braveheart:

Fangkit/paw/claw - Small brown tabby tom with blue eyes. Would've been daring and mischiveous, one to drag everyone into trouble.

Pridekit/paw/heart - Fluffy brown tabby tom with blue-green eyes. Would've been humble, loyal, and rather proud of everything.

Nocturnalkit/paw/shade - Small black tom with blind blue eyes. Would've been quiet yet loyal, and rather strict.

Kit of Scarceclaw and Darkshade (StC):

Fleckedkit/paw/pelt - (Description on page)...(Personality on page)...Would've killed his father and sister, and be trained by Lionstar, becoming a murderer like him.

Coming Soon


Rainingflame - I don't know, I want her to be in one.

Huntingshadow - X Sparrowstar - ftw

Burningflame - Open now.

Shiftkey - He's going to take on multiple, but I'm considering having him later settle down with Lavenderpetal after having a few mates.

Scarceclaw - Derp, duh, he's my playa!

Swampgator - After he becomes leader, he may consider.

Lavenderpetal - I'm considering her going with Shiftkey after he takes on a few mates.

Applewhisker - I think digs Wasp

Lakestorm - He needs to settle down and be happy, since I never rped him much and I want to develop him.

Soaringsong X A certain someone

Fleckpelt and co - Idc honestly

My Tribe kitties - Again, don't care.

Ravenheart X Canyonlagoon - They're literally the best couple how could you forget them?! this was raven btw

I kinda dont own him anymore

Agatekit and Saberpaw- Cute lil' overprotective babies.


If you want to do these, please PM me, I'd be happy to let you

Shellshore - Apprentice, Warrior, Queen, StarClan

Gemcave - Kit, Apprentice, Warrior

Opalgaze - Queen

Bronzeleaf - Warrior

Cardinalpaw - Loner, Apprentice, Warrior, Queen

Magpiekit (WC) - Kit

Stormfrost - Kit, Apprentice, Warrior

Jaws - Loner

Lyla - Member, Loner

Scarlet - Apprentice, Kit, Loner

Griffinscreech - Kit, Apprentice, Warrior

Lilacstar - Leader, StarClan, Queen

Scarceclaw - Kittypet, Warrior

Honeypaw (SprC) - MCA Apprentice

Wolfy - Loner

Ravenkit (SprC) - Loner, Kit

Saplingkit - Kit

Kimberly - Kittypet

Timcanpy - Loner, Kittypet

Benjamin - Kit, Member

Swampgator - Kit, Apprentice, Warrior

Alice - Rogue

Fang - Warrior, Deputy, Loner (Redo with new Chararts)

Shadow - Warrior, Loner

Approved Chararts

Cardinalflame, kit ~ By Stoem

Stormfrost, warrior ~ By Me

Chararts Up for Approval

Ravenkit (SprC), kit ~ By Me

Shiftkey, kit ~ By Me

Eternitypaw, kit ~ By Me

Stonestream, warrior ~ By Me

Chararts Currently Being Done by Others

Gemcave (Warrior) - Fork

Irisfrost (Warrior) - Leggu





Shellshore ~ Silver Grade

Opalgaze ~ Silver Grade

Ysoltstar ~ Silver Grade

Swampgator ~ Silver Grade

In Need of Attention

Spotkit - Fill out "CS's"

Shellshore - Update it so it seems worth of its grade. :3

Lilacstar - Life Section

Cardinalpaw - Update it, add more details.

Silverwave - Finish

Shiftkey - Just needs fixing in general

Lionstar - Needs to be filled out

Major Character Plots


  • Have quick fling ?????
  • Reveal camp to Palmer, then get killed


  • possibly hook him up
  • "kill" his mommy
  • become leader and mentor Juncobae.


These are names I plan to use for future cats I'm too lazy to reveal




Kitefeather (sibling of the one above)

Coming Soon

None-Clan Names




Coming Soon