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Seven Devils is a story that encapsulates Mitchell’s early life and the events that plagued up until the modern day. Mitchell was born in a very different time to what most cats know today. He lived when the modern Clans hadn’t developed and wouldn’t for 90 or so years. What’s the secret to an unnatural lifespan you might ask? Well, the simple answer is vampirism. That’s right. Mitchell belongs under that label but, for the past 100 years has kept hidden from the rest of his kind. Seven Devils detail his life prior to this infection and what it did to him. ╾ cooper In the shadow of your heart
This story may contain levels of violence, questionable themes, and harsh language that other users may not be comfortable with. Please read ahead safely and stop if you have to!


Donleavy paced around the clearing, his mind caught within its own thoughts. Every so often, though, he was dragged out of this state by the painful screams of his mate, Darcy. It hurt him that all he was able to do was stand and listen to his beloved cry out in such way. So instead, he sat down and wrapped his tail over his paws. The tom kept telling himself that the birth would go alright but, he just couldn’t shake that feeling of paranoia. Sitting there in his thoughts he didn’t hear the somewhat urgent calling of his right-hand man, Flynn.
“Sire?” The ginger tom called hurriedly. The call of the younger tom dragged the leader out of his daze and he quickly replied.
“Yes, what is it, Flynn?”
“Your wife sir, she’s kitted an-“
“Well? Are she and the children alright?”
“Yes, sir, both Darcy and your daughter are alive and healthy,” Flynn managed to finish without his leader interrupting. That did not stop him from noticing the look that flashed over Donleavy’s face. The tabby left in a whirl of fur and dust as he made his way through to the nursery. As if some part of fate was on his side, the tom found his mate alone with their kitten. His face softened but, his heart burned with fear.
“Oh Donleavy, I’m so glad to see you. Our daughter, she’s perfect,” the new mother, Darcy meowed. However, she couldn’t shake the look her husband gives their daughter. He looks at her with such a heavy look that even saying what he does nearly brings a tear to his eye.
“You know the customs, Darcy. Our daughter, she cannot lead and for that, she must be killed,” the tabby said softly as he sat next to the black queen.Darcy looked away from her mate as he spoke but quickly looked back to reply.
“I know the customs Donleavy, but surely there must be a way around them. I don’t have it in me to take the life of my only child, for there is no way I can put my body through that pain again,” the black she-cat whispered against the tabby’s shoulder.