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This page explains how the five Clans came to be.

History of the Clans

The Clans (Early 1800's)

Five loners were travelling together- Splash, Snow, Rusty, Petal, and Fox. They came to new territory, and decided to reside there. They noticed that different cats lived in the five general areas, and decided that they would try to join them. Each cat was fond of a different area- Splash preferred the marshier territory, Snow the mountain, Petal the fields, Fox the dead forest, and Rusty the territory between the mountain and the marshes. The five split up, each joining the group of cats already living in their respective areas.
Each of the five soon rose to a leadership position within the groups. When Splash and Petal became mates, and had a daughter together, they split up soon afterwards and shared custody between the clans. While under Petal's watch, the daughter drowned in the lake, and Splash, being fed up, finally took his group and left the forest. He took his group far to the west, living along the coast for several years. The four remaining groups decided to create fixed borders that wouldn't cause conflict, so that they may liver in peace. Due to the unique climates and terrains of each fixed territory, and due to the nice number, the clans named themselves after the four seasons: Snow founded WinterClan, Petal founded SummerClan, Fox founded AutumnClan, and Rusty founded SpringClan.
Years later, towards the end of their lives, Splash returned with his now much-smaller band of warriors. He pleaded to return, asking for his marshy territory back, which Petal had claimed. Seeing that the agile cats of SummerClan had no use of the boggy marshes, Petal gave it back, and Splash named his clan after himself- SplashClan. SplashClan only had seven or eight cats, while the other clans had built up forces of twenty or more cats, by the end of the founders' lives.
All of the original five cats had litters of children, and the eldest kit of each litter became the deputy, and took their parent's place as leader upon their deaths.

New Branches

FreeClan (Late 1880's - Early 2000's)

A few WinterClan warriors, Silverfish, Rockclaw, Twitenose, and Goosepelt, met up with a kittypet and a rogue, and formed their own clan, FreeClan, who shared borders with WinterClan to the east, and SplashClan to the north. They remained peaceful, and didn't regulate their border patrols. Soon the clans forgot about them, although several StreamClan and WinterClan warriors would double as FreeClan members, for the sake of being able to travel into different lands.
Many years later, Blackstar and Jake join the clan as former kittypets, and the former quickly assumes the role of leader. She also joins as an apprentice in WinterClan, where Reedstar was her mentor. She reveals her double life in the other clan, which Reedstar agrees to keep secret. However, rumors spread about a secret clan. Blackshine, as she was known in WinterClan, eventually is deemed deputy to her mentor, and leaves FreeClan to care for the larger clan. Jake takes over, being her deputy. After Reedstar's passing, she is named Blackstar, and leads WinterClan for several years, before dying, hopefully taking FreeClan's secret with her.
However, the rumors are still told to kits of the new generation, and FreeClan was rediscovered during the reign of Nightstar. A battle ensued after a majority of WinterClan deemed them dangerous, unaware that several of their current members were also living double lives. The final leader, Jake, dispersed the group into kittypets or rogues or loners once again, when he accepted that WinterClan wouldn't allow them to stay any longer.

The Five Clans (Late 1800's - Mid 1900's)

Skypelt, Thunderfang, Riverfish, Windlegs, his mate, Gorsepelt, and Shadownose all leave SpringClan. They travel about three hundred miles away from the original clans, to form their own, named after themselves: RiverClan, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and SkyClan. Several cats go to join them, although these new clans consist namely of cats from the new territories they chose.
Around the 1960's, starvation struck, and the five clans disbanded. A few cats came back to the other clans, but many struck up lives as loners, rogues, or kittypets. No former members of the clan live anymore, however, many of their great-grandchildren reside in SummerClan and WinterClan, who were the most eager to accept them.

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