The Clans

The Clans didn't all start the same time in this roleplay, instead, they gradually became what they were today after certain events took place. The founders of each Clan, respective to the order of founding are: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA and TBA.
Below is the detailed history of each individual Clan.


SplashClan was said to be the last Clan to be officially founded. It was founded by a rogue, native to the wetlands in the forest that was inhabited by wild cats; near the River Chell.
The Clan's beginning wasn't without its struggles. A lot of their struggles stemmed from illnesses and predators that preyed on cats at night; leaving the water-based cats exposed to sickness, Twolegs, and predatory animals. Misty, the founder, grew scared that she and her cats would be killed if they didn't find a suitable camp. Although days went buy as they tried to scavenge and defend themselves against what threatened to kill them; Misty sent a patrol of three cats to find a suitable camp. She received no word from the cats she sent out for weeks, during the last of no word from the patrol she'd out. Misty received a dream from Leaf, he told her of how Delta and Deanna had found a camp that was safe from Twolegs and predators. He then told her of how she had a destiny and that she would tell the other Clans of how the leaders would many lives from their starry ancestors.
Almost two days after receiving this dream from her deceased friend, Delta and Deanna returned to tell Misty about the camp; rendering Leaf's words true. Delta told of how Leaf had saved her and Deanna against a badger, sacrificing himself. Misty stated that they'd hold a vigil for their lost friend and travel to the camp after every cat had rested up. Rose, the medicine cat, stated that she'd need help carrying what herbs she did have as well as helping Juniper's sick kitten to the new camp. Misty agrees and tells the small number of cats that they need to rest as they'll be leaving at dawn the next day. Coming Soon


Founder: Chevy
Leaders: Diesel, Littlestar, Ratstar, Amberstar, Thistlestar, AmberstarGravelstar, Lilacstar, FroststarDebatable (Current)
Deputies: Diesel, Stick, Littlenose, Fogfur, Whistleclaw, Pouncefoot, Runningcreek, Cedarbloom, NettlestingRabbitleap, Silentcloud, Sunblaze, Frostfire, Meadowspring, Lakestorm, Stonebreeze (Current)
Heirs: Gravelpool, Lilacpetal, FrostfireDebatable (Current)
Medicine Cats: TBAs
[DRAFT]: SpringClan was home to the mediators, the Clan acting somewhat sacred and isolating itself from combat. When the other Clans needed disputes settled or questions answered, they would come to them. However, SpringClan ironically had a lot of meddling and political arguments going on within the heart of the Clan. Known for their fairness and equal opportunities, SpringClan allowed cats to vote for a leader, rather than to have the deputy inherit the position right off the bat. Unfortunately, this resulted in a lot of bad apples and dark twists. "Political parties" of sorts grew in the Clan, and those who voted against them would be exterminated. After Amberstar returned from her banishment to hold another vote and dethrone Thistlestar, she changed the rules. The leader would pick an heir to become the next leader, one who was level-headed and fair. The deputy would still serve and aid them, and sometimes the heir could start out as deputy. They did not need to be of the same bloodline, but it appeared that descendants were preferred, at least after a leader proved themselves worthy.
After Froststar passed away, he did not announce a heir as he meant to. All he left SpringClan with was that he was going to pick one of his children, one who had already proved themself. This lead to all of his children to compete against each other, while Lakestorm temporarily ascended to the throne to attempt to bring order. However, to this day, he remains challenged by his siblings, all of which believe they deserve the position of leader. 
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Founder: Griselda
Leaders: Varric, Magpiestar, Salmonstar, Brightstar, Murkstar, Ivystar, Cloudstar, Laurelstar, Beestar, Snowstar, Shadestar, Thunderstar (current)
Heirs: Varric, Magpieheart, Fennelsnow, Salmonfin, Brightstorm, Murkfang, Ivysnow, Ternfang, Cloudpelt, Laurelfang, Beepelt, Snowfur, Blackfoot, Shadeshadow, Thunderwhisper, Antkit (current)
Deputies: Fang, Margerie, Cersei, Umbra, Mintflower, Juniperstorm, Kitefang, Lightpelt, Whiteheart, Smokefoot, Sootfang, Cinderheart, Irisflower, Snakeshade, Jayheart, Horsefoot, Cootfang, Lintclaw, Dustpelt, Muntjacfang, Grousewing, Swiftstone, Brownpelt, Yewnose, Kestrelface, Swallownose, Grassheart, Snowbird, Icecloud (current), Future Deputies: Applewhisker
Medicine Cats: Holly, Gooseberry, Blazefire, Brambleleaf, Poppycloud, Seedpelt, Wrenflower, Goosefeather
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The Wind Chasers

Founder: Swampstar
Deputies: TBA
Medicine Cats: Ophelia
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