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Placeholder cat
Current StarClan
Past SplashClan
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unspecified Causes
Debut Unknown
Last Post Unknown
Father Mallowclaw
Mother Bluewillow, Flyflower (adoptive)
Siblings Littermate: Elmstar
Half: Hollyfrost, Smokepool, Three unnamed cats
Mate Shellface (formerly), Bassleap
Kits First Litter: Fawnkit, Minnowfur, Mosskit, Willowkit
Second Litter: Cassie, Musket, Squirrelfang
Third Litter: Amber, Blossom, Mallowspring, Parsley, Saf Birch, Skylark
Fourth Litter: Copperpelt, Sycamorepaw
Apprentices Smokepool, Minnowfur
Owner Project:Characters

Hickorynose was a handsome black-based brown tabby tomcat with green eyes.



Hickorynose's most notable feature is his green eyes. They are wide-set and a dark olive green he inherited from his mother. When he is angry, it is described that the emotion in them is unnerving.
Hickorynose is long-legged and lithe. He was lanky as a youngster and did not grow in his tall legs until he was a warrior. His awkwardness made him clumsy and he tripped a lot.
His fur is dark brown with black mackerel tabby stripes.


The first thing you will notice about Hickorynose is his fierce dedication to SplashClan. Hickorynose always goes the extra mile for his Clanmates. Hickorynose is usually seen patrolling borders, training apprentices, and playing with kits, right in the middle of Clan life. He is one of SplashClan's most respected senior warrior.
However, Hickorynose is snappish and rude, and believes that if something isn't done his way, it isn't right. His scathing tongue and fierce temper makes it hard for him to make friends.


Hickorykit is born to Mallowclaw and Bluewillow, along with his brother Elmkit. The Clan welcomes the new kits warmly, as their parents are well-respected and dedicated warriors. The kits are doted upon by their parents and become very close to them. Unfortunately, their beloved mother was injured in an accident while swimming, and died a few hours later.
Elmkit and Hickorykit were painful reminders to Mallowclaw, who began to avoid them. He gave his sons to a queen to nurse along with her own kits, and soon ignored them completely. Soon Mallowclaw took Shadestream as his mate; not long after she was pregnant with his kits. Hickorykit was hoping Shadestream would become a mother figure for him and his brother, and expected her to nurse him and Elmkit. However, Shadestream insisted she didn't have time for that and left them in the care of their wet nurse.
The brothers were weaned off milk. By that time, it was just them and Shadestream in the nursery. When they were apprenticed, they were relieved to be away from the mean she-cat. 
Hickorypaw thrived as an apprentice. Even though the births of his half sisters, Smokekit and Hollykit, were a stunning blow, he was mostly happy. He befriended a fellow apprentice, and developed a crush on her. Elmpaw and Hickorypaw remained close, and were smug when Hollykit and Smokekit fought all the time.
His relationship with his fellow apprentice grew, and she became one of his closest friends, besides Elmpaw. Both brothers were finally made warriors, by the names of Hickorynose and Elmwhisker.
Hickorynose became mates with Shellface, and she bore his kits. She died giving birth, along with three out of the four kits. The sole survivor, Minnowkit, became the center of Hickorynose's world. He eventually was her mentor.
Shortly after Minnowkit was apprenticed, with Hickorynose being her mentor. He had a one-night-stand with Reddy, a rogue he met while hunting. She bore his kits, two unnamed sons and a daughter, Squirrel. Reddy falls under hard times and to save Squirrel, Reddy gave her to Hickorynose to raise as a SplashClan camp. Reluctantly he agreed.
Hickorynose renamed his daughter Squirrelkit and claimed the kitten was a rogue's kit that he found abandoned in the woods. It ashamed him to think he had impregnated a rogue. He only told Elmwhisker the truth, who arranged for Squirrelkit to be fostered by another queen. Hickorynose always kept an eye on her.
Throughout the rest of his warriorhood, he bore nine more kits with Reddy, now named Bassleap, before he eventually passed from unspecified causes.


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