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Current WinterClan
Past Kittypets
Age 59 moons (approx. 4.9 years)
Status Living
Debut Unknown
Father Nightstar
Mother Reedstar
Siblings Guppystar, Crowfoot, Hiddenshadow, Bramblefang
Mate Unnamed kittypet (formerly), unnamed warrior
Kits Unnamed cats, Redpaw
Mentor Finnose
Owner Whiskers

Applewhisker is a black-based tabby she-cat with soft fur.

Applewhisker is decribed as a quiet cat who tends to zone out.  Thus, she doesn't have many relationships in the Clan, but still finds herself greatly loyal to her family. Overall, Applewhisker is said to have matured into a fine she-cat, finding herself even loyaler to her Clan and family. She's known to only work, and rarely talk, and on her free time, she does small tasks for her Clan. She only sleeps and eats when needed. Applewhisker's a serious cat who isn't one to joke around, so she takes everything to heart. So, in other words, Applewhisker's grown up to be a work-aholic who doesn't know when to stop unless told to do so.



Applewhisker is a tall, lean, black-based tabby she-cat with soft, thick fur. Her fur is always clean, and rarely has any ticks or fleas on it.  The only white on Applewhisker is on her front, right paw, and on her belly. Like her father and her sister, Applewhisker's pelt sheds in soft tufts instead of single threads to fur. Her pelt is a bit difficult to groom though it's soft, it's dense and thick, but Applewhisker is sure to keep it clean and healthy. Her pelt always seems to have a shine, and there never seems to be a tuft of fur sticking out on her pelt. Her fur clings tight to her slim figure.

Applewhisker's bone structure is fairly strong, but isn't the strongest, and is more on the thin side, making her an easy opponent. Like her father, Applewhisker's a taller cat, with long, thin legs, giving her long, perfect strides. Applewhisker's tall for a she-cat, but remains thin and lady-like. Like her mother, Applewhisker's eyes are a distinctive almond-shape, but are a bright yellow-green color. On the outer edges, Applewhisker's eyes are a bright green shade, but they slowly fade to a yellow as they near her irises. Her paws are fairly large due to her height, and her tail seems a bit long, helping her with balance.  Her cheek-bones are well defined on her delicate face, and her nose and paw-pads are a soft pale shade of pink.

Applewhisker stands with her legs close together, and with her tail often low. She keeps her head held high, and her ears pricked, always looking aware and alert. Applewhisker's claws are fairly sharp, and are an average length. Her teeth are fairly healthy, not yet worn down and remaining sharp, being a yellow-white in color. She doesn't often have an expression, but when she does, she looks serious and ready for anything. Applewhisker bears the scent of sharp pine and snow/water, thanks to the area she lives in.


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Applewhisker's a quiet she-cat who tends to zone out from time to time. She isn't that well-known to talk much, and over the years, she hasn't become quite as adventurous due to her past as a kittypet. Overall, Applewhisker has matured into a fine she-cat, thinking before she acts. The only other cats Applewhisker seems to talk to are her family members and a few WinterClan members. Other than that, she doesn't bother to talk. She seems to be a ghost in the Clan, never interacting with others much, and only doing her duties before going to sleep or eating, and then starting the day over again. When she speaks, it surprises others, often making her feel bad. Because of her quietness, others seem to ignore Applewhisker. She's a serious cat, who likes to do her job, and then quit for the day once she's no longer needed.  Applewhisker isn't one to lay around and joke about, she takes things seriously and to heart.  Applewhisker no-longer seems to see many things in life except for work and the daily happenings in a day, such as eating, sleeping, hunting, and patrolling. Applewhisker loves to get down to work, and she seems to enjoy working, but only for a certain amount of time.

As time has passed, Applewhisker's become a loyaler cat, loyaler to her family and Clan. Applewhisker hates herself for leaving her Home Clan for becoming a kittypet, and calls herself foolish for doing so. Applewhisker never sees herself joining another Clan again, and plans to serve WinterClan to her death, mainly for her family's sake.  Applewhisker would fight to the death for her Clanmates and family, but would be lost if she found out she has another sibling in another Clan. But if that time ever came, Applewhisker knows that she'd most likely fight for WinterClan, since her family had been there for some generations.  Applewhisker now devotes her time and life to her Clan, hunting and patroling when needed, and sleeping and eating only when she needs to do so. As for her free time, Applewhisker seems to do simple tasks for her Clan, such as training herself (or her apprentice if she currently has one), or hunting when she feels the need to do so. If WinterClan was to be destroyed, Applewhisker would find herself lost, but she'd most likely follow one or more of her family members.

Skills and Abilities

Applewhisker's a talented hunter, being a lighter weight, she can make careful steps without making a sound. Her semi-sharp claws still give her a good grip on her prey, and her teeth can easily deliver a killing bite. Her swiftness helps her catch up with prey, such as faster prey like snowhares. Having larger paws, it is easier to walk on snow, and she doens't sink in too much. She smells like her surroundings in her territory, making it harder for prey to detect her, though her pelt does stand out against the snow, but she blends in better with trees.  Not only is she good at hunting, but she enjoys it as well, which makes her practice it more for fun.  Her size doesn't help much with hunting though, but her long legs, semi-sharp claws, and sharp teeth make up for it.

Applewhisker's long legs also make her a talented runner. She's swift on her paws, and has a great amount of stamina. She's in shape, and her lungs are powerful, letting her run for quite sometime before she tires down. Her long legs give of bursts of speed everytime she takes a nice long stride. She walks rather smoothly, and walks as if she's "floating". Her fairly large paws act as snow-shoes on snow, giving her extra balance and support, especially when she runs. Applewhisker's fairly long tail gives her even more balance in the snow, though it doesn't help too much when she's running.



She is born to Reedstar, the leader of WinterClan, and Azuregaze, a warrior, along with her siblings, Petalkit, Guppykit, Crowkit, Hiddenkit, and Visionkit, in the middle of leafbare.

Applekit becomes an apprentice named Applepaw, receiving Finnose as a mentor.  She isn't seen with her mentor, and decides to become a kittypet.  There, she meets a tom named Beignet, and believes she's fallen in love with him.

She later asks Beignet to be her mate, and he says yes.

Later, she is sitting on a fence with her mate, and tells him that she's pregnant. She later on gives birth to a litter of six, their names being Loyal, Minnie, Chaplin, Romeo, Web, and Rook.

Apple returns to WinterClan and becomes a warrior known as Applewhisker. She totally breaks her connection with Beignet, becoming a loyal warrior of WinterClan and WinterClan only. She also forgets about her kits, but remembers her experiance she had as a kittypet, such as giving birth and being spoiled by Twolegs.

Applewhisker isn't seen much afterwards, but is seen trying to talk to Guppystar, her very own sister. She notes that she never talks to her relatives, and her sister to leader. They talk for a bit, and then Applewhisker recieves Eternitypaw as an apprentice.

Applewhisker notices Guppystar rushing into the Medicine Cat Den, and decides to follow, hesitantly asking what was wrong. Deciding that she wants an answer, Applewhisker sits in front of the exit of the den in efforts to make sure she gets her answer. Guppystar is surprised to hear her voice at first, but relaxes, and silently cries that something's wrong. In effort to comfort her, Applewhisker pulls closer to her sister, and tells her everything will be alright. She asks what seems to be wrong, while Cinderleaf returns. Guppystar explains her symptoms, and Applewhisker states that she must be pregnant. Cinderleaf agrees, but starts arguing with Applewhisker. She later leaves, not daring to ask about the father, believing that he was only Guppystar's business.

Guppystar kits, having a litter with kits not having tails, being partially manx. Cats start spreading rumors, claiming the Leader to be "disloyal". Applewhisker stands up for her sister, saying all of these were false. She's by her sister's side as she kits, and asks what she'll name them. After Guppystar names her offspring, Applewhisker leaves, noticing Cricketstep in a corner with many cats around her. Applewhisker chats with Waspface about how cats are wrong to think that Guppystar's disloyal. The two leave camp, continuing to talk, while Waspface thinks of his mother. He scratches a tree, and Applewhisker leaps into it, looking down at him. Waspface asks her to hunt, so he can clear his mind, and Applewhisker agrees.

Applewhisker goes to the Gathering, execting cats to torment her sister. Of course, they do, and anger Applewhisker. She bristles in the back, clawing the ground angrily as cats insult her sister. Once they return after StarClan stops the Gathering, Applewhisker walks alongside her sister while Gemcave walks close by. Applewhisker calls the cats at the Gathering foolish, and Gemcave asks how they'll react. Guppystar thinks for a moment before smiling, saying they won't act peacefully or violently. Applewhisker smiles as she catches what her sister's thinking, and says Crowstar, referring to his old camp, making WinterClan strong.

As they move, Applewhisker walks alongside her sister as she carries her kits, Hiddenshadow eventually approaching them. After he doesn't reply, Applewhisker falls back to walk alongside Waspface, asking if he's excited as well. She gazes at Cormorantkit, wondering if he'll boast as he grows up, stating that his mother is leader. Applewhisker tries to search her memories for times she boasted as a kit, but couldn't remember much and gives up. Like Hiddenshadow, Waspface does not reply to Applewhisker.

After they arrive in the new camp, Applewhiskers begins working in the Warrior's den alongside Gemcave and Scarceclaw, not saying a word. Applewhisker ends up creating a pile of an unknown substance as she works.

Waspface ends up catching a crow, returning to camp and coughing up black feathers, stating he hates hunting birds. Purring in amusement, Applewhisker tells him he'll get used to it eventually, he just shouldn't breath them in. Moments later, Guppystar assigns Firepaw to Applewhisker, as she had recently lost Eternitypaw to Webspider. Applewhisker touches her nose to her new apprentice's with her tail slowly waving, remembering Eternitypaw and feeling a pang of sadness. But it is noted that she has strengthened, and was ready to take on a new apprentice. Firepaw asks to tour the territory, but Applewhisker suggests training, though she is noted to feel quite tired.

Firepaw doesn't respond, so Applewhisker wordlessly leaves camp, deciding that she's strong and tall enough to travel alone for a short amount of time. As she nears the border, she finds Arbiter, and streaks over to him and orders him to halt, demanding what he was doing near the border. Not effected by Applewhisker's intimidation, Arbiter responds that he would like to join WinterClan. Applewhisker admits to herself that she expected him to flee, and asks if any others are with him. Arbiter explains that he doesn't tend to hang out with others, only his brother, but this isn't the answer Applewhisker is looking for. Growing a bit impatient, Applewhisker asks if there are any others nearby, to which Arbiter responds no. Applewhisker flexes her claws to show intimidation, and grunts simply, leading the rogue to camp and wondering if others would trust her for being a past kittpet. Noticing her cange in attitude, Arbiter asks if she's fine, and she replies yes, leading him to Guppystar.

Applewhisker makes sure he keeps his distance from her sister, as she had her kits with her. Arbiter thanks Applewhisker, and explains that he realises taking him in wasn't very easy. Applewhiskers asks what his name is, thinking about her sister and how much she loves her, and that she will listen to her orders if she asks to have Arbiter leave. Arbiter introduces himself, and Applewhisker does the same, while Pumpkinpatch glances suspiciously at Applewhisker. Feeling offended, Applewhisker glares back at the she-cat, asking herself why Pumpkinpatch could accuse her in such a manner, as she was a traitor as well, leaving for FreeClan. Arbiter assumes that not all cats get along well in the Clan, but Applewhisker explains that she just doesn't get along with Pumpkinpatch, and the other warrior leaves. Arbiter asks if they wait, and Applewhisker nods before sitting down.

Eventually, Guppystar speaks, and is at first slightly outraged with her sister for bringing in an outsider and leaving camp alone. Applewhisker eventually explains herself, stating that she understands that WinterClan is showing their strong side by telling others they will refuse newcomers, but she states that driving him off alone would've been foolish, and leaving to get help would've left their borders defenseless. She also claims that she asked what he wanted, and he stated that he wanted to join, so she brought him to camp, asking if he had anyone around beforehand. Guppystar eventually understands, and thinks to herself that she loves her sister, but that she can sometimes be a bit foolish, though she was maturing into a loyal warrior. Applewhisker is dismissed, and Arbiter is allowed to stick around. Applewhisker thinks of her foolish mistake in the past, revealing that having kits and leaving in the past was driven by the craving for attention. She then decides that she will never again have kittypet kits.

Meanwhile, Rook decides that she and her mate shall try for kits, saying that she hopes she will be a better mother than Applewhisker. Applewhisker overhears her daughter, but says nothing to that "thing", and it is revealed that she will never warm up to her kits, as she now had a strong disliking for all kittypets. She then decides that she will have new kits, real kits, strong and Clan-born. Guppystar decides that new kits  will do her sister good as well. When Guppystar leaves with a quick and light-hearted wink to her sister, Applewhisker purrs and calmly strodes off in the other direction. She hears Crowkit "playing" with Guppystar's litter, and assumes that they're simply playing, though she feels a bit uncomfortable, not totally trusting Crowkit. She decides to leave the kits be, and finally takes a break to groom her pelt in some sun. Wildheart's and Irisfrost's litter are made apprentices, and she cheers their names before lying down once more, hearing her sons bicker and argue. She blocks them out and tries to relax, though half of her wants to work.

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Beignet(Formerly) - Status Unknown


Rook - Living

Minnie - Deceased: residence: Unknown

Chaplin - Deceased: residence: Unknown


Loyalheart - Living

Webshadow - Living

Romeo - Status Unknown


Reedstar - Deceased; residence: StarClan


Azurestar - Deceased; residence: StarClan


Guppyfin - Living

Petalkit - Deceased; residence: StarClan


Visionblurr- Living

Hiddenshadow - Living

Crowfoot- Living


Magpiesong - Living

Birdpaw - Living

Seedfur - Deceased: residence: StarClan

Molecloud - Deceased: residence: StarClan

Gullkit - Living

Lizardkit - Living


Lionkit - Deceased: residence: StarClan

Rollingstone - Status Unknown

Dolphinwave - Status Unknown

Antkit - Deceased: residence: StarClan

Blackkit - Living

Sootkit - Living

Cormorantkit - Living


Risingfeather - Deceased; residence: Dark Forest

Owlwing - Deceased; residence: StarClan


Marshshade - Deceased; residence: StarClan

Wolfpelt - Deceased; residence: StarClan


Fadeshadow - Living


Moonsight - Living

Guppysplash - deceased, residence: StarClan


Aspenflower - Living

Pebblesong - Deceased; residence: StarClan

Shadestripe - Living

Stormwhisker - Living



Nightstar & Reedstar:

Like her brothers, Applewhisker never interacted much with her parents, and wonders if they even cared for her. Even if they didn't, Applewhisker loves them, and always will, since family's family. Applewhisker longs for the times she had as a kit, playing with her brothers, and always being by her mother's side. And of course, she always enjoyed Nightstar's occasional visits to the nursery. Applewhisker wishes that she knew her parents more, and wishes that she could've bonded with them, and learned about her ancestors. Though she doesn't know them, Applewhisker is looking forward to meeting Reedstar and Nightstar in StarClan.

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Applewhisker finds Waspface an enjoyable cat to be around, and quite a supportive companion. She enjoys his company and loves to talk with him, and has found out that she has quite a lot in common with him. Their friendship started with the birth of Guppystar's kits, leading to gossipers and haters, who both Waspface and Applewhisker ended up disliking. Now, she tends to hang around him quite a bit, talking with him whenever she pleases. Applewhisker finds Waspface a cool tom who she can open up to, and trusts him greatly with all her secrets.Coming Soon

Love Interests

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  • As a kittypet, she wore a light blue collar, with no bell.
  • Applewhisker finds it hard to get romantically involved with cats because she prioritizes duties to her clan over a love interest.